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Grade 1 Special Event; The Inventor: Youtube

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TUGASKU-SD, April, 8th 2021, for 1st graders, there is a lot of activities we do to fill in the special event “The Inventor: Youtuber”.

First, we have Ms.Ara who share about Public speaking: The use of good language for the beginner youtuber. The student follow and practice enthusiasticly. We also invite Mr. Sani the Founder of PerpalzTV that share all about the YouTube for beginners.

The last the students learn how to edit and upload the video they make to their YouTube channel with Ms. Nendes

They are so happy and excited to carry out the activities.

Insyaallah since today, the students are able to make the own video and be the great youtubers who share the useful and educational content.

Hopefully, they will be more creative and wise in using technology with the guidance of their parents.



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